So I know this guy, he’s really kind, but at first I didn’t know how to even say “Hi” to him. He’s not really caring, not very handsome, but somehow when the first time I saw him, I feel really nice, safe, comfortable around him. I don’t know if he ever noticed me before. I always thought that he is not in my league.

Until one day, I don’t know how but we started becoming like a friend. I have a crush on him. My heart always beats fast when I’m around him. I can’t control myself better. Until that fateful day when my mom passed away, he cared about me. I tell him almost all of my secrets, even the one that I don’t even bear to tell anyone. I don’t know why I do it actually.

I love him even more when he accept me. He accept my past, and keep helping me to handle myself if I’m in a suicidal thoughts. He always said

“you’re talking nonsense again, go to sleep.”

And I don’t know why, I always do what he said. He is really kind to me. He said he will always be there for me, Until…

We had a fight. I have some issues with my two characters side, Dissociative Identity Disorder. He leave me and since then, we didn’t talk again. But he promise not to leave me. My heart was broken.

Fate brought us together again when I join the new group. He’s in it. He’s one of the leaders in the group actually. We fight once and I quit that group. But all the other members forcing me to go back to the group. Out of nowhere I apologize to him. And our story begins once more.

He visited me more often. I cry in his arms, I like the feeling being wrap in his arms. I could sleep well because of him. He is like my own Chloroform. His presence always making me feel in bliss, in heaven of comfort. I never want him to leave my side, but I can’t do that. We both still have our classes. One thing for sure, I have burden him more that I should.

But I can’t do nothing about it. I feel attach to him. He’s like my Oxygen I can’t bear to live without him. He makes a new nickname for me “Polar Bear” and he wants me to called him “Vampire”. but i like to called him “Piggy” because it is cute. he will be angry if he sees this..

Want to know the hardest part is? I can’t keep falling in love with him. I’m scared that i will make another mistakes and he will leave me. Like in the past. I know I have a thick skin and solid rock head, but I’m willing to change even though its hard. I love him. I will always do.

A human has fallen for a Vampire.


Published by

Jade Hanna

Only a girl with a twisted mind

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