Secrets part 1

She was just a nice little girl. An ordinary girl who has fallen to the dark world because of her curiosity. She always wondering about the world, exploring the world alone. Without the guidance of anyone. She’s just like wild horse that can’t be tame by others. Until one decision that make her regret it her whole life.

When she became a rape victim, her world became falling apart. Traumatize by the incident, she can’t remember anything about that night, and her behavior started to change. And she wouldn’t dare to tell anyone, ever her mother. All that she remember was the cold floor, blood scent in the air and being not able to move. She didn’t even remember how she gets back home and her mother even didn’t notice her.

Years past after the incident, her behavior becoming worst. She treat herself like a prostitute, because she thought that she is worthless and don’t have any pride left. She has 2 worlds the normal and the dark one. She can act innocent in front of her friends and families but change into a slut-like when she’s with another person.

Until one day, she went into a new community and meet a men as her mentor. Her mentor seems like a funny guy, a humorous kind a guy, but she feels something different about him. She feels the presence of a Dominant, cold hearted guy. Out of nowhere they becoming a close friend. She felt protected with him around.

And she started to tell her secrets to him.


Published by

Jade Hanna

Only a girl with a twisted mind

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