Secrets part 2

The girl becoming more attach to him. She fell in love, and feel very guilty because she is in love with a married man. He always look after her, like remembering her to eat and drink, pick her up, and much more. The thing is, he knows about her since he saw her. But she doesn’t know him at all. So there’s this picture of her at the raping incident. She didn’t know about those, but he knows. And when she tells him she has been raped before, he knows that she is the girl on the picture.

He started to describe the situation when she is raped, she just saying the same thing

“I don’t remember anything more about that incident, I just feel hopeless”

She felt a pain in her heart and out of nowhere she started to cry. He is shocked at the scene. He embraced her in a hug and ask

“it’s painful right? I’m sorry for what you’ve been through.”

She cried more harder and nodded.

Since that day everything between them is changing. If she is nowhere to be seen, her friends will ask him and vice versa. Deep down inside her she doesn’t want to be just a friend, she wanted more, but she knows she can’t because he already has a family. She know his wife and his children well, they like to play together. He consider her as a family member.

And he is always there until…


Published by

Jade Hanna

Only a girl with a twisted mind

2 thoughts on “Secrets part 2”

  1. sometimes have the feeling in others is okay , would he have a family or speckle , but we also need to know its limitations , not to what we do interfere with the relationship, and about your past , sometimes people just want to know and did not want to get involved in it , I sorry about your past , but you should be able to make your past to create a new future that is better , make your past as a stepping stone to a better and forget your past

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