Secrets Part 3

Just a small mistake makes him very angry. He even block her from his contact. She felt like a little puppy who lost her master. She felt abandoned. She started making more mistakes in her life. She’s back to the beginning, without anyone by her side that can tell her to do things right. She tried to apologize, but when she is there and say a word, he ignored her like she isn’t there. Her heart is broken.

She’s depressed now, she don’t know what to do. She tried to make more attention by cutting her wrist and her thighs. She just want to end this pain that’s in her heart. She trust him so much, but sometimes she’s scared that he will tell her secrets to everyone. She just keep trusting him that he will not tell anyone. Like he promise to do.

She’s got an idea for just end her life. She’s just too tired to continue her life that was filled with bad things. She tried to let him go because she doesn’t want to cause anymore trouble for him and his family. The date is set. She already prepare everything, well almost everything. The last is giving him a goodbye and apologizing note.

And with finishing that note she killed herself.

He was on his way to her house at that moment. He didn’t know that behind that door she’s already gone. He knock for several times, there was no answer. He knock that door down and shock by the scene. He rush toward her and he realize she’s gone. He read the note and cried.


I’m very sorry for what I did. I’m very happy when you accept me and my past. I wish you and your family all the Happiness and the Love. I hope your children doesn’t have to feel what I feel, going through a wrong path. Please don’t be mean to them, always give them care and love. I appreciate what you have done to me, I’m very sorry…

Please don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s not your fault, its mine and my heart.

Thank you for everything!

I always Love you”



Published by

Jade Hanna

Only a girl with a twisted mind

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