1st of December is World AIDS Day. I personally will unconsciously support any person that have AIDS or HIV in it. I believe that someday there will be a cure for them. Sure, that disease is like a death sentence, but you can learn many things from them, like to never give up, or there’s always a meaning behind every event, and many more.

I know a woman, she’s a smart, strong, kind, fierce, independent and many other good things to describe her. Almost everyone called her “Mom”. She’s has a HIV. The first time I know she has that I was surprised like “how can she’s still smiling?” I pity her once, but I feel bad about pitying her, so I just keep supporting her. I looked up to her because of her spirit to live on.

She has a child, and its a relieve because her child doesn’t have the disease. She is one of the strongest person I know. She really reminds me of my mom in so many way. It’s a little hard to see her resemblance my mother so much, makes me think about my mom. She always take care everyone around her, even me. She came to my house and cooked for me once. It was nice.

I make a mistakes and I purposely make her angry with me so she will leave me. Because I thought she already has many in her mind, so I feel like I can’t burden her anymore. I always remember what my mom told me “you’re really killing me slowly.” And she died. That’s why I can’t burden anyone else because I’m afraid they’re going to die because of me, like my mom. Stupid thinking right?

I really care about her. Even though I don’t talk to her, I still always asking people around about her condition. Like when lately she have headache I really worried about her. I don’t really pray, but I always praying for her health. I feel comfortable around her. Feel the warmth of a mother. No wonder everyone called her “Mom” right? I admire her a lot. I have apologize to her about get her angry and doesn’t appreciate what she is doing. Actually I really appreciate what she is doing for me, I just don’t know how to say it or show it.

So mom, if you reading this, I’m really sorry and if there’s anything I can do for you, let me know. I wish I could take care of you…

I miss the old times…

I miss you!


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Jade Hanna

Only a girl with a twisted mind

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