Growing up without a Father. I don’t even know what a father figure suppose to do in Real life. But it doesn’t seems have any effect on the way i live now. I can only imagine in my another world that I made up. But still, I’m 100% clueless what a “Father” is suppose to do or feels like. Does this also have any effect on why I prefer Older man than the ones in my age? like a Daddy Issues and stuff?

“What does it feels like having a Father?”

I always imagine that i have the perfect family, A father who is a strong and capable man, A mother who is kind and perfect, and A big brother who is protective of his little sister. A perfect Family. With the King as a Surname. so my father’s name is Charles Alexander King, my mother’s name is Elena King, my brother’s name is Arthur King, and my name would be Jade King.

A Perfect Family. I would want to live in my other world forever. But to make it more like a reality, I made My Father and Mother die to a tragic accident and I live with my Brother Arthur. This is one of the many worlds that i have. I called them Dimensions or Time. The Kings is like on Victorian Era.

So, would you tell me, what is a father figure suppose to do? i mean, my mom once said she tried to be a “father” and a mother in the same time. but i didn’t seem to know the differences. Is there any differences beside the gender? well i’m not going to be all sexist about the gender stuff but, I’m just curious.

PS: Sorry for not updating in a long time, and about this night is because the Whiskey.. haha


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Jade Hanna

Only a girl with a twisted mind

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